Allergy Policy

In the event the Buyer develops an allergy to the kitten(s), Elite Siberian Cattery will allow a return within 14 days of the purchase. Buyer will be issued a full refund, excluding the $400.00 reservation deposit. This policy does not apply to Buyer’s with other animals.

At Elite Siberian Cattery, we understand that many Siberian cats appeal to people who usually have animal allergies, as they typically do not incite an allergic reaction. However, we recommend that potential buyers who have allergies first spend time around Siberian cats near you before purchasing. By spending a couple of hours with the cat, you can test your reaction and see if you are compatible with a Siberian Neva Masquerade cat.

Reducing reactions is another common approach for those who suffer from animal allergies. While there are no guarantees, sometimes a few simple steps can help allergy sufferers keep symptoms at a minimum. Vacuuming hair on a daily or semi-daily basis can help can hinder the buildup of hair. Bathing cats and brushing them regularly will also inhibit shedding throughout the house. A healthy diet can prevent unnecessary shedding by the cat. If you are allergic, we recommend you sleep in a pet-free zone. This means keeping any pets out of your room.